Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Ecovillage Resources

Ecovillages a free, bimonthly e-newsletter.

Includes getting Ecovillage Zoning

Recordings of presentations are now available for:
the 2007 International Permaculture Convergence
with DAY 2: Declan Kennedy - Architect and Urban Planner
Includes wrap around greenhouse, and energy surplus house with 8 year payback, in his ecovillage

Among the Ecocity 2008 World Summit articles & digital recordings
the Ecovillage category includes:
Sieben Linden, an eco-village in eastern Germany
A look at living in London's BedZED, the UK's first Zero Energy Development (ZED)

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Eulalie said...


Can you you tell me the difference between co-housing community and ecovillage?

Thank you

Eulalie Castel